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when your full plate calls for a full bowl #takeabrekki TM
brekki original overnight oats

brekki is made with nothing but the best ingredients, including ancient grains, almonds, oats, almond milk and organic coconut nectar.

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Ding dong. it's brekki, delivered to your door.

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What's in
it for me?

Chia Seeds
Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber and more. Plus, they make excellent pets.
Flax Seeds
Get the facts on flax: Since 3,000 B.C., these seeds have been serving up nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and lignans.
Buck- wheat
We go buck-wild for this gluten-free grain that’s full of fiber and rich in minerals.
They’re not grains, but they do add a delicious crunch and a dash of protein to every bite of brekki.

saying no
is self-care

All brekki flavors have no dairy, no gluten, no GMOs and no funny business. Just real fruit and great taste.

brekki original overnight oats

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