(n.) Ready-to-eat overnight oats; your new favorite go-to meal
brekki is a complete and balanced meal in one ready-to-eat cup.
Our overnight oats are bursting with protein, fiber and vitamins. Not to mention flavor.
Just grab it and go. Or enjoy it with your morning coffee. Or toss it in your bag for an energy-boosting afternoon snack.
Wherever you're headed, #takeabrekki.

flavors you'll savor

Our 5 new flavors have fruit down under!
The Original
Original Package
Vanilla Cinnamon
Vanilla Cinnamon Package
Bananas &
Maple Brown sugar
Bananas & Maple Brown Sugar Package
Strawberry Package
Apples & Cinnamon
Apples & Cinnamon Package
Açaí Berries
Açaí Berry Package
Blueberry Package

everything you want

Package Package
ready-to-eat overnight oats
Package Package

nothing you don't

the brekki breakdown

brekki is named for Australian breakfast culture. Where food is a lifestyle, an essential daily routine of wholesome, healthy ingredients, thoughtfully prepared.
Our mission is to help people live a more balanced life with well-balanced food, like brekki. For breakfast, lunch, or snack time. Go ahead and create your own healthy routine.
Go ahead and #takeabrekki.
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